Bridging the gap between the seen and unseen. embracing true visibility, shedding masks, limited beliefs and daily self-deceptions.



Spiritual Medium •aura Revealer • Soul Alchemist 

Spiritual Medium 
aura Revealer
Soul Alchemist 

Awaken your soul through the profound wisdom of ancient truths, delivered in a grounded & soulful language, directly channeled from loved ones. Unlocking moments of illumination that transcend the visible, & allowing you to manifest new realities, intentions and dreams.


Holding space for a reality that boldly challenges the narratives we are given.

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Becca S.

I wanted to tell you how grateful and lucky I feel to benefit from your wisdom and your insights over the last two years. You have been so important to my healing, and to so many people I know who have worked with you. Over the last few weeks, I’ve listened to our sessions, and each time, I learn or hear something new. You have helped me walk out of a dark place, to not be afraid about the future, and to feel real joy. You’re such a gift to everyone who knows you.

lisa S.

I wanted to say thank you and tell you that yesterday after our reading I was a puddle of peaceful tears. And last night I dreamt about my grandmother - it was beautiful. I woke up in tears. Such a gift. SUCH a gift. 
As a woman of many words - I’m still speechless after the reading.

Erin k.

Cindy, so so great meeting you. I went to my calendar after we hung up to look at the specific date of my grandmother's passing when you asked how I connect the number 9 with her. She passed 9-9-09…..fully body chills. Needless to say, thank you so much for the session. 

jen G.

I had to send a note fresh off of our channeling session to let you know how much of a gift and voice you have been given to those of us that really need it. It has been twice that you have shook my world and answered thoughts and questions I already knew but wouldn’t admit. All I can say is thank you for connecting me to some of the strongest and most loved people I know.