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Empowering every soul to actualize the complete potential of their life’s blueprint, unlocking moments of illumination that transcend the visible, revealing the authentic & allowing you to manifest new realities, intentions and dreams.


A grounded and relatable approach to channeling guides, teachers and loved ones


jen G, Channeling

"I had to send a note fresh off of our channeling session to let you know how much of a gift and voice you have been given to those of us that really need it. It has been twice that you have shook my world and answered thoughts and questions I already knew but wouldn’t admit. All I can say is thank you for connecting me to some of the strongest and most loved people I know."

Allison R. , Channeling

I can’t tell you how powerful and helpful it was to connect with my loved ones, specifically my mom, through you. I’ve leaned on that connection and experience so much to help me through all the grief and it’s truly made such an impact. Her energy came through so strongly to reveal her same amazing self, and the still with me, is incredible.

Michele T. , Aura + channeling

"I really can't thank you enough for the time you gave me, there is already so much weight lifted off of my heart, again this thank you just won't convey the amount of gratitude I could express to you! Already, I feel like I walked away with the permission to step into the next part of my journey."