1. What is aura photography (uncovering)?

Aura photography is the process of using a customized camera to take a picture of your energy field, otherwise known as an aura. The camera uses biometric feedback signals from your hands to overlay a picture of your energy on a polaroid photo of you. 

2. Why see a medium?

People come to see a spiritual medium for typically 1 of 2 reasons: either they are grieving the loss of a loved one and wanting to connect, or they are lost in life and needing connection back to themselves. Usually sessions are a little bit of both, but you do not need to have lost someone close to you to come see a medium. 

3. How often do you recommend doing a session?

Your energy can change from week to week and month to month depending on what’s going on in your life. So it’s really up to you and what’s going on in your life. I recommend doing them a couple times a year, but fair warning...it can be addicting! 

4. What’s the difference between an aura reading and a channeled readings?

Aura readings look at your energy field today and typically cover the last 3-6 months, and the next 3-6 months. They generally only cover and only seal to things in your life I.e. not your partner or your kids. Channeled readings cover anytime in your life and can typically discuss things further out in the future. And it’s much more interactive in that you can ask many more questions, and also seek guidance about family, kids, work and friends. 

5. Can I do both aura and channeling in a session?

Yes, absolutely! Start by booking a private channeling session and then you can add on an aura photo. 

6. Do you offer services remotely? Or travel?

Yes to both. Channeling (connecting) is offered remotely and can be done over zoom or phone. And it works just as well! Aura photography (uncovering) must be done in person. Let me know if there’s a city you’re interested in having a pop-up!

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