may 13 | 6:30-8pm CST


Small group readings are bespoke experiences where you are connected with guides and loved ones in community with others. Cindy believes every group comes together for a reason, and there are often parallel messages that come through. Each person submits a question ahead of time, and receives the channeled message during the reading. Limited spots available.
INVESTMENT: $125 per person

Bespoke small Group Reading | Virtual

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May 13: small group reading

may 16 | 3-5:30pm CST

virtual | Zoom + recording

Join Cindy & Lauren in this workshop all about following your destiny! During this 2.5hr workshop will will first get a walk through of how to discover your Astrological destiny point, the North Node, (with a breakdown of each sign and each house placement) with Lauren. Then we will be deep diving into what supports us getting there and what can hold us back with Cindy through diving into soul contracts, limiting beliefs and examining fated life vs free will.

Astrology + spirit Guide event

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May 16: Follow your destiny

Past workshops

This previously recorded workshop walks you through the steps to Learning the Language of your Soul. Understanding how and what you are receiving during meditation is a bit like learning any new language. It’s all about interpreting a new dialogue, and learning the short-hand of how your Soul communicates with you.

Learn the language of your soul

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