Bringing the energy of the soul into view using a grounded and relatable approach through intuition and channeling. And yes, I’ve spent the better part of my career in the corporate world, so I get it!

If you’ve ever felt like no one sees you, or you’re feeling stuck in your career, or unfulfilled by what you’re doing, or are questioning the relationships in your life...I’ve been there! I woke up one day a few years ago, about 9 years into my corporate sales gig, completely unhappy, with literally no reason to even get out of bed. 

It started as a simple need: wanting to get my aura photographed to see my energetic field, and I could NOT find a single aura photographer in all of Chicago! (The 3rd largest populated city in the US!) I was chatting with a friend when the realization hit that I really just needed the photo because I could read the energy myself, and with that... Revealing Soul was born. 

I’ve been a medium my whole life; it’s something I was born with, but didn’t fully understand until high school. Since then, I have been studying and honing my intuitive abilities of channeling, reading auras, and spiritual healing techniques for the last 17 years. I always thought this would be a side hustle, but earlier this year I took the leap to leave the corporate world to do this work full time. 

Growing up in the midwest, in a Catholic household, intuition and mediums were not things that were openly discussed. And it definitely wasn’t something I could share in the corporate world! But this of course is where I now find myself being called to help others. I believe that everyone has a purpose for being here, and it’s part of my purpose to help you reveal yours. I have the privilege of channeling guides, loved ones and teachers from the other side to help you on your true path.

Hi, I'm Cindy Luffred, spiritual medium & guide